5 Factors to Consider in Purchasing Suitable Children's Playground Equipment

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With the prosperity of the children's playground industry, children's amusement equipment is also diverse, which means that people's choices are becoming more and more. But many inexperienced entrepreneurs are confused while choosing amusement equipment. Then, how to choose the right children's play equipment?

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1. The structure of consumer group

Before selecting equipment, we should do a simple market survey in the local area and look at the age structure of consumers, etc. Selecting children's outdoor playground equipment according to the survey results is important. Children of different ages have different preferences for types of amusement equipment. For example, 0-2 years old can choose baby swimming pool, building blocks, pictures, etc. which are suitable for children's physical and mental development equipment. 3-6 years old children are suitable for naughty castles, swing series and other amusement equipment. 6-12 years old for adventure equipment, rock climbing series and so on. You can refer to the age ratio to determine the device type ratio.

2. Financial situation

Before selecting children's play equipment, entrepreneurs must first evaluate their own funds according to the funding situation to purchase amusement equipment of different prices. Investors with enough funds can choose high-priced amusement equipment. Investors without enough funds can choose small devices that are relatively cheap, so that there are more types of items that can be purchased under the same funding. It is necessary to reasonably allocate the proportion of funds in the early and late periods to avoid the difficulty of capital turnover in the later operations.

3. Consider the size of the field

Each type of playground equipment is suitable for different venues. We must choose the appropriate amusement equipment according to the size of the area of the children's entertainment park. For example, children's simulation driving school and other large equipment are more suitable for a larger children's playground. Equipment such as manual DIY, parent-child baking, orbital racing, has a small footprint and is suitable for small children's amusement parks.

4. Adapt to subject style

When selecting a children's playground equipment, determine the overall style of the children's playground, such as marine style, jungle style, snow style, candy style and so on. Then select the matching equipment such as the color that matches the theme. In addition, simple and ordinary rides have attracted parents and children to play and consume. Only the combination of the unique theme project equipment with the appearance and novelty can give the children's playground a lasting vitality and soul color.

5. Pay attention to the interaction

Children like to play with children of the same age or adults at home. Therefore, when choosing equipment to buy, you can choose some amusement equipment for two people to play interactive games. The interactive amusement equipment is more playable and fun. They are mainly divided into parent-child interaction type and team interaction type. parent-child interaction type can promote the relationship between parents and children! Team interaction type has good play experience and allows customers to be closer to the park.


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