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Products’ Quality Guarantee Letter

The goods are supplied with new and unused before. They will follow Contract’s requirement in quality, specifications and performance.

The experienced worker will send to guide and train their relevant staff freely during the process of installation and commissioning before they start to use.

The supplied products will keep the same as contract required in the quality, specifications and performance. The users need operate according to instructions on the process of products usage.

The guarantee period is one year.

The company promise to replace products within one year due to quality problems at the beginning of products use.

The company will give the answers to the problems treatment within 2 hours and staff arrive in 24 hours after receiving the user's notice.

Product Sales Service: According to the layout of the branches and offices, the company designates the subordinate company or office to serve nearby, and fills in the service feedback form to report to the company for archiving.

According to contract and relevant legal regulation, the company will bear corresponding economic responsibility if the product quality and delivery date violate the contract requirement and cause losses.

After Service Commitment and Service Scheme

Quality is considered as an enterprise’s life. It is also our company's consistent purpose. Our company has ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance system to ensure products quality, including pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale service and technical consultation to customers. In order to strengthen the contact and communication between our company with clients. We ensure that users will enjoy satisfactory system services

01 Pre-sale

Customers service; product introduction, technique presentation, quality assurance, and reputation compliance.

02 In-service

The company will organize technical& quality personnel to inspection the process of products usage regularly. We will consider users' opinions and feedback to improve product quality and largely improve product quality and comprehensive performance.

02 In-service

For some special or complex products, the company will arrange special training to teach them how to use products, how to deal with problems and how to repair.

03 After-service

The company's products will implement best services  called "three Bao" service (we agree to return, replace and repair if products are broken under the regular use) within products quality assurance period.

03 After-service

We will give quick response to customers’ quality complaints. After-service staff will arrive in 24 hours.

03 After-service

For the after-sales service, the company requires users to fill in the feedback form and make appraisal opinions, in order to further improve the company's service quality.


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