Types of Ground Cover For Your Outdoor Play Area or Playground

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Playtime is usually a fun and cherished moment for kids and even their parents, too. For this reason, when selecting a ground cover for your outdoor play area or playground, safety should be in mind. 

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Another thing that you should have in mind is the surface area, it shouldn't be sloppy but rather it should be leveled. 

And after ensuring that the playground is well leveled for your kids, the next thing in line is ensuring that you contact a reputable and professional outdoor playground manufacturer for the best quality outdoor equipment.

So, let’s get to business as we consider the various types of ground cover that you can choose for your outdoor play area or playground.

1.Wood Chips and Mulch

Wood chips and mulch are a bit costly than pea gravel, but they are also more beautiful and beautify your outside playground or play area

They are also available in different colors which makes it catchy to buy because of the different options you have available

One of the disadvantages of this mulch is that it is slippery when it rains, and it also requires constant refreshing as it can easily lose its color and texture

If you do decide to go for wood chips and mulch for your playground or play area look for the ones with that are all-natural and not the ones that have been mixed with dye or chemicals

2.Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF)

Engineer wood fiber is an excellent choice for an outdoor playground of the play area, and it is widely used in most of the outdoor playground or play area due to its loose materials.

The component of this engineer wood fiber makes for even surface and consistency which makes it one of the most popular choices in play areas.

Engineer wood fiber is made from timber or wood, and their impact-absorbing qualities are very high. Because of this, once they are installed on your playground, they can offer a slip-resistant and firm surface, and this makes them one of the best choices for children or outdoor play area or playground.

Engineer wood fiber costs more than pea gravel, mulch, or sand and natural grass which makes some people considering building an outdoor playground or play area ignore it or avoid it. If you do decide to make use of engineer wood fiber, make sure it is made from pure wood as some of the used wood fibers may have been mixed with some chemicals which might not be safe. 

3.Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is another good option for an outdoor playground or play area, pea gravel has a smooth finish and it is regularly used for walkways, dog run but it is also used for a play area.

It is also not as expensive as engineer wood fiber which makes it a go-to choice for an outdoor playground or play area

While pea gravel is affordable it has a disadvantage, it does not accommodate soft landings, which makes it easier to get injured if you use pea gravel. 

Pea gravel is also not suitable for children with disabilities or wheelchairs. If you must use pea gravel, one must consider the age of the children that will be frequenting the outdoor play area or playground and also create a solid walkway or path where children with disabilities or parents can sit 


The playground or play area should be a safe haven for children and adults and all necessary precautions like sourcing for the right materials and manufacturers should be taken to make it so.

Also, purchasing your outdoor playground equipment from a trusted outdoor playground manufacturer is the completing step you need to have an all-round funfair on your playground cover.


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