What are the Types of Outdoor Playground Equipment?

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Outdoor playground equipment is gradually occupying a place in parks, playgrounds, squares etc. It is widely welcomed by many children. It has even become a way for most children to entertain in their spare time or weekends. According to the physical strength and hobbies of the children, we will recommend some play equipment. Follows us to see what fun outdoor amusement equipment is waiting for us!

Combined slide

It's suitable for lively occasions, the slide structure is safe and durable with clever design, harmonious colors and the clever combination of various plastic parts can provide children with safety, joy and vitality. It integrates fitness and entertainment into one and carefully design various styles according to children's interests and hobbies. This is a new type of comprehensive large-scale play equipment suitable for children.

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Naughty castle

Naughty Castle is a complete play facility designed according to the nature of climbing, jumping, running and rolling in the early growth of children; Including slide, ocean ball pool, happy octopus, coconut tree, treasure ship, inflatable trampoline, shuttle of time and space and color roller; Various items and various items can be freely combined and matched, and have excellent entertainment performance. It is one of the most classic amusement equipment in indoor children's playground.

Climbing frame

Hemispherical plastic climbing frames or rope net climbing frames built along the slope are good choices. The climbing frame allows children to exercise effectively while having fun. After eating, children can have fun on the climbing frame, not only avoiding strenuous running, but also exercising. It's also an outdoor playground equipment for home.

Inflatable pool

The inflatable pool is a state that reduces the size of people's bathhouses or swimming pools. The inflatable pool is lightweight and easy to carry. Therefore, the inflatable pool can be used in many situations, such as small parks, roadsides, homes, etc. The inflatable pool is filled with gas, and then a certain amount of water can be injected into the inflatable pool. It is mainly used for children to play. When playing, put some small fish in the inflatable pool to allow children to catch in the inflatable pool. It can not only develop the child's active personality, but also improve their own abilities and add a lot of life fun to children! Of course, the inflatable pool can also be used for equipment such as water walking balls or children's hand boats.

Inflatable trampoline

Inflatable trampoline is also called inflatable castle, inflatable toy, inflatable bouncer. A toy that is shaped by a centrifugal fan and the air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the film. It is made of screened PVC or plastic and processed into some castle-like shapes by using a heat sealer and other equipment, and then the tensile force of the centrifugal fan and the air pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the film are used to form a toy.


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