A Play Equipment That Can Shelter from The Wind and Rain

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In the autumn, choosing a play equipment that can shelter from the wind and rain is very important for outdoor amusement operators. Let me introduce you several amusement equipment that are can shelter from wind and rain for your reference! 

It's a unique playground equipment in the appearance. Small house easy to disassemble itself is more popular, which can catch the attention of passers-by, attract people to go inside and find out! There are plenty of internal gameplays in the equipment and you can also put in millions of marine balls and a variety of inflatable toys, such as happy rollers, walking balls, trampolines, building blocks, rocking horses, etc. The operators can mix and match styles to meet the various needs of tourists!

Kids Indoor Playground Equipment

In various occasions, such as the sales department of various large and small areas, various amusement equipment is needed to enrich the business, stimulate the fun of life and bring colorful life to people's lives.

As the most popular playground equipment, it can be used as an outdoor event exhibition. It is very novel. It is also one of the magic weapons that attract more passers-by to watch. The cool poncho was born under the strong spread.

Of course, this play centre equipment is more attractive than an ordinary play area equipment! It is a custom-made product. The span can be designed according to your requirements from 3M-50M in diameter. The service life is more than 15 years. All of them are made of galvanized furniture round pipe connection, and the wind resistance is up to 8-12. The PVC material can be more than 5 years old. If the damage is later, it can be replaced at any time according to the customized size, which is very convenient. In the current fierce competition, this kind of special children play equipment helps the investment operators to attract more popularity.


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