How to Properly Handle the Wear and Tear of Children's Play Equipment?

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It is well known that children's play equipment will wear to varying degrees after a period of use. This kind of wear will affect the secondary sales of the equipment. Some may not be used normally and even bring huge security risks. So how do we deal with wear and tear? 

1. The early wear period of play equipment

The new play equipment wears out very quickly when it is used and the rough appearance becomes smooth as the running-in progresses. At this time, the wear rate is lowered and the running-in period is over. This period is called the pre-wear period. At this point, the operator should consciously use the slight wear and tear during this time to create conditions for the stable operation of normal operation. During this period, for unoperated equipment, the principles of load shedding, deceleration, and reasonable operation should be observed and low-viscosity oil should be added as much as possible. In addition, in order to shorten the running-in period, it is possible to select an appropriate leading technology, etc. The use of a lubricating oil satisfies the quality requirements to improve the utilization rate of the equipment.

2. Stable running-in period of play equipment 

During normal operation, after the rides are run-in, the colliding surface becomes hard and the wear is slow and stable. In the latter part of the period, the wear was relatively accelerated due to metal fatigue but it continued to work. When approaching the fatigue limit of the metal, the operator must periodically perform mandatory maintenance on the equipment to prevent the equipment from causing major accidents due to excessive wear.

3. Intense wear period of play equipment 

During this period, because the metal outer surface of the children's play equipment completely reached the fatigue limit, the conflict conditions have changed greatly. For example, the temperature rises sharply, the surface metal arrangement changes significantly, the shape changes slightly. The gap increases, the equipment wear rate is sharply increased, the mechanical efficiency is lowered, the accuracy is lowered, abnormal noise and vibration occur, and the mechanical properties of the equipment are changed, eventually causing the parts to fail and must be repaired. At this time, if it is forced to operate normally or under high load, an accident will inevitably occur.

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What is the correct way if you find out that children's play equipment is worn out?

1. Lubrication. If the wearing parts of the amusement equipment are lubricated, the friction generated between the parts can be reduced and the wear can be reduced.

2. If the children's play equipment is installed in an incorrect position, wear will occur. Therefore, we reminded the operators that in order to reduce wear, it is necessary to improve the installation accuracy and check frequently.

3. Finally, some dust can easily cause wear and tear on children's play equipment. Some may cause rust and cause more problems. Therefore, it is also important to keep the play equipment clean.


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