Assembling swings and playgrounds, ask for your budget

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We have specialized personnel for mounting swings, playgrounds, slides, trampolines. We make a budget without commitment for the installation of your children's game.

 playground equipment swing sets

At ejplayground, we are specialized in swings, playgrounds, trampolines, slides and outdoor games. We have more than 10 years of experience selling games from the best European brands. All the games that we sell for private use are prepared so that families can assemble them at home without problems, but in case of doubts they can always contact us and our customer service team will indicate how to proceed. However, there are also families who do not want to spend time assembling and installing a children's game in their home garden and for this reason they ask us to do the assembly of swings, playgrounds, slides and more.

Over the years we have assembled many games of different brands, both for domestic use and for public use. We have swing installers who are ready to respond to your call. So, if you want a quote on the assembly of swings or trampolines, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can ask us for a budget for the assembly of different brands of swings and playgrounds such as playgrounds for the brands Masgames, Blue Rabbit, Wickey, Fatmoose, Soulet or Trigano and more.

Remember that most of the products of these playground equipment swing sets are for private use, that is, they can only be installed in the garden of a private house. Anything other than the garden of a private house, that is: neighborhood communities, schools, restaurants, camping sites, hotels, sports clubs and town halls, must use swings approved for public use.

However, the difference between swings for private use and swings for public use, , is that those for public use have been designed for a lot of use and for this reason they have much stronger and more resistant materials and the standards by which they are governed are much stricter. Products of both types can be installed in a private house, but for any use other than private use, only products for public use may be installed.

As specialists, we have products of both types and we have differentiated them on the web in two different sections. Those for private use and those for commercial or public use, the latter marked with the letter C (for commercial use) and indicated with blue in the product frames.

If you are an individual and you want a quote for the playground equipment swing sets such as assembly of Wickey, Fatmoose, Blue Rabbit or Masgames swings, we will need to know what product it is, where it should be mounted and on which floor it will be mounted (grass, sand, artificial grass or concrete). You can send us an email in the contact section of our website. This will make it much easier for us to make a customized budget.

Our swing assemblers have done a lot of work, we put some example photos on them. We guarantee the best installation service.


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