Indoor children's playground equipment planning and placement method

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In the investment of indoor children's Park, the overall layout of the park is very important. If the indoor adventure play equipmentdesign planning is scientific and reasonable, it can create a good overall atmosphere and bring a happy experience to customers. So, when the indoor children's playground is determined and the equipment is purchased, how to plan the layout of indoor children's playground?


Generally speaking, if the investor chooses the brand of children's Park to join in, the brand will design the image and style planning of the park in accordance with the site specifications provided by the investor and the market survey. If the investor purchases the indoor adventure play equipment by himself, he can arrange it according to the following three methods:


According to children's character


Indoor children's park can divide two kinds of amusement equipment according to children's different preferences and personalities. Children with quiet personality can be equipped with static children's amusement equipment, such as building blocks, plastic toys, desktop educational toys, etc.; children with active and lively personality can be equipped with dynamic children's amusement equipment, such as slide, naughty castle, children's rope net exploration, children's development park, etc.


Of course, some dynamic toys can also be placed in the static environment, which can make the introverted and quiet children experience playing, make the children become outgoing and lively, and change their quiet and lonely character.

Children's playground equipment

According to children's age


Children of different ages have different characteristics and needs, like different toys and equipment, and suitable equipment is also different. Therefore, when planning to place equipment, operators can place it according to the characteristics and needs of children of different ages.


0-2 years old: the growth speed of body is slower than that of infancy, but the ability of language and movement is significantly improved. I can walk, but I have no awareness of safety and self-protection, so I am prone to accidents. For children of this age group, you can choose building blocks, walkers, picture books, etc., or some toys that stimulate children's ability to imitate speech, such as voice doll toys, etc.


3-6 years old: Children's physical development continues to grow, with mild inflexibility of hands and feet, carelessness and restlessness. Usually, children in this age group are active, but lack of awareness of safety protection. They should choose equipment with high safety and strong activity, such as slide, combination slide, toy drilling, naughty castle.


6-12 years old: children of this age group have a certain sense of self-protection and like to think. They can choose games with skills and intelligence they like, such as children's development park, rope net exploration, development park, climbing, exploration facilities, etc.


Planning the park according to the age can make children of all ages experience suitable amusement equipment, and can communicate with peers, so as to learn more and learn more.


According to the function of the equipment


Different equipments have different functions and sizes. Investors can arrange according to the type of equipment, such as electric equipment in the electric play area; rock climbing expansion type can be placed in the expansion area and so on. According to different functions, it is convenient for children to play and park management.

Children's playground equipment should be static and dynamic to meet the needs of children with different personalities. When planning and placing, do not put high popularity equipment together, or a large number of customers will gather in a certain place, resulting in channel congestion. It is better to put the hot and cold equipment together when matching with the equipment, which can disperse the crowd and improve the playing rate of the cold equipment.


It's very important for the operators of the park to know how to match children's amusement equipment reasonably, but it's also very important to choose children's amusement equipment. Only safe, novel and fun amusement equipment and reasonable collocation can bring higher profits to the park.


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