Why don’t Designers Include Some Sort of Shadetent Over Outdoor Playground Equipment?

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Outdoor play centre equipment is important for all children. They play an essential role in character building, growth, and development of kids. Whether you have a huge or small place at home, you need to set equipment for your children. 


Why don't designers include some sort of shadetent over outdoor playground equipment?

There was a time when designers incorporated shadetent into the outdoor play equipment accessories. With time, everything got changed. They came across diverse issues due to which they stopped using any sort of shadetent. If you want to know these reasons and issues, then no problem! We are going to explain to them as follows.

1. They are not strong

Outdoor play structures are engineered to meet the wind ratings. They are made according to the safety standards set by the governments. The equipment of the playground supports the columns to which the color component is linked. The link is not strong enough to resist the force of the wind. It implies that the uplift exerted by the canopy of shade could damage the high-priced equipment.

2. They are not easy to remove for winter season or storm

The outdoor play things with shadetent are not so easy to remove for the winter season. They have a Turn-N-Slide easy canopy, which could be fastened once. It does not contain an easy removable system. If you want to remove the playground equipment with shadetent for storm or winter season, then it will not be easy for you. You will need to put a lot of effort. You may get hurt, or the equipment will get damaged.

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3. They are expensive as compared to the free-standing shade structure

When you are going to purchase equipment, then the budget is one of the imperative factors for you. You like to buy a top-quality equipment at an affordable price. If so, then you have to avoid the ones that have shadetent. The designers do not include shadetent anymore because it becomes costly for them as well as for the buyers. To include and fix shadetent into the equipment is expensive for them. They have to purchase and make use of diverse outdoor play equipment accessories. Also, they have to use such things that can make the equipment resistible and durable.

4. Playground equipment quality may get affected

There is a big range of outdoor play structures accessible for you in the market. You may notice that many of them do not include shadetent. The shadetent is not a compatible thing to include in the equipment today. With time, they have lost their importance in the hearts of playground equipment designers. The designers have stopped including it in the equipment since they came to know that it affects equipment quality. Yes, it is true. The shadetent may affect the quality of the playground equipment. 


Final Words

From the above explanation, you can understand why designers don't include any type of shadetent over outdoor play centre equipment. All the above reasons have made them stop using shadetent. Thus, you have to purchase equipment for playground without shadetent. Otherwise, you will be wasting your cash.


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