How to choose the right playground equipment?

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With the increasing number of amusement parks of all types and their outlets, many amusement park managers are confused, saying they don't know how to choose the right theme park equipment. What kind of theme park equipment will attract people, and how to do it better in terms of location, operation and cost. Here are some key points to pay attention to:

theme park equipment

A. selection of amusement park customers

Theme parks focus on consumer groups.If you are a child, you should choose children's playground equipment, such as children's pendulum, children's roller coaster. If you are an adult, you should choose adult entertainment equipment, such as jumpers, flying chairs, pirate boat rides.If you are a parent-child theme park, you can choose some home entertainment equipment, such as ground mesh bumper car, rotary cup, happy spray golf cart and other entertainment equipment of all ages.

Shenzhen children's playground


B. choice of playground equipment

Because the theme park has outdoor equipment, so try to choose fiberglass material, do not choose plastic amusement equipment, because plastic exposure is easy to fade, not easy to maintain, fiberglass amusement equipment is not afraid of wind and rain, not afraid of the sun, it is more suitable for outdoor use.


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