Which Outdoor Game to Choose?

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To make a playground in your garden, the activities will be chosen according to the age of the children. The diversity of games is also important so that they are not bored. Some are more appreciated than others like the trampoline or the toboggan.

As for the little ones, they will love the little houses and the sandboxes. They will develop their dexterity but also their imagination.

The trampoline

To make a playground equipment in your garden, the trampoline is a centerpiece. In recent years, there has been a real craze for this apparatus.

You will find different diameters that correspond to the age of the children. Likewise, the larger the trampoline, the greater the rebound. Choosing a trampoline requires having enough space. Indeed, it is necessary to leave 2 m around and at least 7 m in height. To ensure its stability and prevent it from turning over at the first squall, it is advisable to fix it to the ground.

Whatever the age of the children, they do not necessarily control their jumps. To prevent accidental falls, the protective net is the solution. If there is one accessory that should not be overlooked, this is it. 

Other activities will complete the playground such as the cabin, popular with children. Indeed, it leaves their imagination free and promises them hours of fun.

The little house

Different models of cabins or cottages are available. They are either plastic or wooden. These are more expensive but more solid and more aesthetic. You are sure to keep it for several years.

Manufacturers compete for ideas for their design, which gives the impression of owning a very real little house. Among the models, some are on stilts like the Winny model from  Forest Style. They have a ladder so that children can climb. They sometimes have a more fun exit like the toboggan.

Other houses are on one level and can be decorated with a pergola like the Alpaca model by Burger. You also have the option of choosing customizable cabins. Indeed, they are either to be left in the rough or to be painted. Why not play originality with the Carry trailer from Soulet?

This game is designed in wood treated against bad weather and insects. To keep it, it is recommended to apply a stain. As with most activities, it is best to mount it on non-hard ground like a lawn. In addition, it must be flat to ensure stability.

Another outdoor game popular with the youngest is the sandbox.

The sandbox

Whether at the beach or in public play areas, children love to handle the sand. You have the possibility of transposing this activity at home by installing a sandbox.

You will find plastic or wooden models, on a stand like a table, or to place on the floor. It is advisable to choose it with a cover, especially if cats are walking in your garden. You may have unpleasant surprises.

Depending on the material, the sandbox will be placed on the terrace or on the lawn. It is preferable that the surface is flat.  Children are properly installed. In addition, the risk of sand getting into your lawn is reduced.

Another activity popular with children is the swing. In general, it consists of a minimum of a swing but also of other apparatus depending on the brand purchased.


The multi-activity station

To make a playground in your garden, the multi-activity station is undoubtedly the most complete. However, you must have enough space outside, knowing that it is advisable to leave a distance of 2m. This allows children to avoid obstacles when they swing or slide.

The stations are often composed of a gantry and different apparatus. A platform is connected to it with a slide. A playhouse completes this play area.

These play areas are intended for children from 3 to 12 years old. The advantage of these stations is that they accommodate several children. You can easily invite their friends. Given the choice of activities, they will never be bored.

Develop the playground

The assembly is essential to make a outdoor playground equipment in your garden. It is advisable to be organized and proceed in stages. In general, the manual is understandable and easy. Depending on the games chosen, the tools are not necessarily necessary because they are attached to the equipment.

If you opt for a gantry or a complete playground, it is better that there are at least two of you. The assembly time will be reduced but in addition, you will be helped to move the game. Indeed, it is recommended to anchor this type of activity to the ground. You have the choice between concrete or a sealing kit. Whichever method is adopted, it will first be necessary to carry out the markings on the ground. Then the station will have to be moved.

In addition, if you take a coating specific to outdoor activities, its installation must be anticipated before assembly.

If you want to make a playground in your garden, the activities will be adapted to the area of your land. In addition, for their safety but also their fun, the games must match the age of your children. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of attractions that will delight young and old alike.


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