Where can I buy equipment for children's playgrounds?

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Investment needs to be optimistic about the market of indoor children's Park. To win, it depends on whether the operated children's Park has enough attraction, and whether the product characteristics and store management can meet the high pursuit of consumption quality of post-90s young parents. For example, whether the amusement products are rich enough, safe enough, whether the product mix is scientific, whether it can extend more educational significance, whether the staff of the store are friendly, whether the store environment is clean and sanitary, etc.

Where can I buy the equipment for children's playground? When purchasing amusement equipment for children's Park, we should not only rely on subjective assumptions, but also consider a series of problems such as the surrounding population, the local consumption level, and the playing habits. Therefore, choosing the amusement equipment for children's Park suitable for our own venue can maximize the benefits. How to choose products and manufacturers.

Where can I buy the equipment for children's playground? Firstly, no matter what kind of children's amusement equipment you prefer, you should have a real look of it. When you call, you will talk about your products very well, especially on the website, which is very impractical. There is no lack of the possibility of pasting pictures. Only by going to see them in person, you can really understand the products and buy the products you like. Where can I buy the equipment for children's playground? Second, the purchase of children's amusement equipment must be complete. Nowadays, the state has strengthened the inspection of children's amusement equipment, especially in squares, parks, supermarkets, etc. if the procedures are not complete, it may benefit for a while, but it is not a long-term solution. When purchasing products, it depends on whether the accessories used in the products are formally produced and whether the overall design is reasonable, so that the products can operate easily and freely. It is recommended to visit the headquarters to make a decision.


Do you have any good suggestions for site selection? Comprehensive shopping malls, which are generally classified clearly and integrated with food, drink, play and Tesco, are popular. Moreover, there are separate floors for children, which are the first choice for indoor children's rotating playground equipment. Additionally, the rental fee of this kind of mall will not be too high at the beginning, and once the investment is successful, the popularity will be very large. For those who care about the rental fee, you can choose such a venue. What’s more, supermarket shopping malls are popular in general, but it is difficult to check in. If there is a certain relationship, you can go in, which is the best choice for indoor children's playground. Last but not least, the high-end community, nearly all the high-end community will have, natural indoor children's rotating playground equipment is also an indispensable project.

Where can I buy the equipment for children's playground? Our naughty castle has six themes: ice and snow theme, candy theme, ocean theme, Castle theme, forest theme and space theme. How much money to invest depends on the size of your site. The larger the site, the higher the investment and the higher the income! The larger the site, the more equipment, the higher the total cost. Small site, less equipment and low cost. If you want to know the general budget, please contact our customer service to let us know your situation and your plan. We will make you a preliminary offer.

EJPLAY, an outdoor rotating playground equipment company, has introduced the new concept of amusement, and has launched the children's playground, which opens up a new world of children's amusement for children. New swimming equipment includes colorful coconut trees, waterfall slide, seascape water bed, magic maze, rainbow drum, colorful balloon house, high-altitude cyclone, magic flower mirror, rotating elastic seat, etc. to create a happy space, a collective atmosphere and a colorful world for children! If you are interested in EJPALY, you can choose products in its official website: https://www.ejplayground.com/.


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