How to Design Children's Outdoor Playground

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Making a outdoor playground equipment in your garden is the dream of many children. Depending on your outdoor space and your budget, several types of equipment are available to you. You have the choice between different outdoor activities or opt for a station that brings together several games. When selecting and setting up the security aspect should not be overlooked.

The steps to make a playground in your garden. To make a outdoor playground equipment for toddlers, several steps must be taken into account between the preparation and the layout.

Depending on the size of your garden, the play area will have to be adapted. Indeed, children should not be embarrassed when they move. In addition, age is an important criterion, for questions of security and also of interest. The child must be able to play with it. The nature of the terrain is also to be studied. Among the outdoor activities, you are have to get this equipment:

●The swing;

●The portico;

●The shack; 

●The trampoline;

●The sandbox

●The multi-activity station including a gantry, a slide, and a small house.

Once you have chosen the different activities, the time for purchase and assembly will come. Depending on the models chosen, you may need help. To prevent your playground from overturning, fixing to the ground must be made.


How to choose a location?

To make a playground in your garden, you still need to have enough space. Even if you want to please your children, you have to know how to be reasonable. Indeed, the activities chosen must correspond to the surface area of your outdoor space. Safety rules must be observed to avoid accidents. In general, it is advisable to leave 2 m between the games and any obstacles such as trees, walls.

In addition, they do not have to occupy all the space. You must be able to maintain your garden, such as passing the mower. The location will depend on the age of your children, if they are small, plan a place close to your home. If your children are older, it will be further away to give them more independence while keeping an eye.

Like space, the ground is important. It must be flat for the playground to be stable. The lawn and sand will be more favorable for your children to have fun safely. If you do not have suitable coatings, be aware that there are materials to mitigate shocks. 


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