Where to Buy Outdoor Play Equipment?

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For many theme parks, amusement equipment is like the "torso" of the theme park. There is even a saying that about 40% of the money is invested in the purchase of amusement equipment such as outdoor play systems, and for light theme packaging, for parks, this percentage may be even higher. Especially for large-scale amusement equipment, the price of a set is millions, even tens of millions. 

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Since the amount of investment in amusement equipment is so huge and occupies an important proportion of investment, what kind of amusement equipment should a new theme park invest in? How to select amusement equipment? 

One is the price factor. What kind of outdoor amusement equipment will be purchased for a project, the biggest influencing factor should be the project investment amount of the project investor and the amusement equipment purchase budget. For an amusement park with an investment of 30 million yuan, it is impossible to spend millions or even tens of millions to buy a large-scale amusement equipment. The equipment purchase budget determines that the theme park can't do whatever it likes. 

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The second factor is outdoor playground equipment manufacturers. Amusement equipment is experienced and fun. Developers of park projects now generally have a strong sense of safety. Therefore, when purchasing amusement equipment, they will pay attention to the equipment manufacturer's brand. Generally, before purchasing amusement equipment, a project will understand and screen amusement equipment manufacturers through various channels. Finally, it will reach cooperation with one or two amusement equipment manufacturers to determine the purchase list. 

The third influencing factor is the positioning and market of the project. From a professional perspective, this should be the biggest or even decisive factor, but this factor is often ignored or ignored. The preference of the core target customer group and the differentiation of similar projects in the target market are the key considerations for the selection of project equipment. However, it is often difficult to know exactly what amusement equipment is "loved by tourists, and also want to play in line." Therefore, this is also a place that puzzles many park investors.

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